Here are a few comments from students or parents of students…


Ryan Hoffman has been my son’s guitar teacher for a year and a half.  The most succinct way to describe Ryan, the best way to characterize his teaching, and the benefits which accrue to my son, is this:  if I were, with a free imagination, to invent the perfect guitar teacher, that teacher would be Ryan.  He is gentle and kind, without fail.  He is himself an extraordinary jazz musician who has played with the world’s best.  Versed in folk, rock and blues repertoire and techniques, there is no famous solo or song he cannot teach.  And whatever the musical piece, from “Little Wing” to an F#minor blues, Ryan’s teaching is inflected with and enriched by his deep knowledge knowledge of theory, of jazz repertoire and improvisation.   As a result, my son is not only learning to play the guitar with the repertoire and techniques he is interested in.  No, Ryan takes him further, and under his tutelage, Leo is becoming a real musician — an apprentice, maybe soon a journeyman, in the high arts Ryan knows so well.

-Paul S.            March 8, 2011


My son, Kevin, has been Ryan’s student since he was eight, nearly 3 years ago.  Ryan’s immense patience has allowed Kevin to feel good about his progress ~ even as his commitment to practice has waxed and waned.  But along with patience for the pace of the journey, Ryan remains steadfast to developing good playing habits ~ he keeps it fun, but nurtures kids’ respect for the guitar and for the learning process.  Kevin has taken both individual classes and small group classes with Ryan.  In the small group, Ryan has encouraged the boys to collaborate and learn from each other, without a sense of competition.  We appreciate his love of music and his willingness to share his amazing skills with Kevin.

-Susan W.        March 14, 2011


In addition to clearly being an experienced and talented instrumentalist, Ryan is an excellent instructor. He is very patient and gives great tips and advice to ease the learning process. The aspect I’ve appreciated the most about his teaching style is his flexibility. On more than one occasion, I’ve asked him a question that was off-topic from the lesson plan, and without pause he’s willing to switch topics and refocus the lesson to meet the needs or interests of the student. I’m learning a lot, and I look forward to each lesson and to practice thanks to his instruction.

– Meghann M.     May 19, 2011


Great teacher.  Learning triad chord voicings to create melodies.  Very helpful and new to me.

– Michael V.     March 18, 2011

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